Vegan Quiche

Having been vegan for more than 5 years now, it's been a loooooonnnnnngggg time since I've eaten eggs or any egg products. During one of my previous jobs, I used to make lunch for the staff and one of my go-to recipes was mini quiches. It's so easy because you can get pre-made pie crusts … Continue reading Vegan Quiche

Food Focus: Tofu (& other soy products)

What is tofu? Tofu is the common name for soybean curd, which is produced from the aqueous extract of the soya bean. It originated in China and has since become an increasingly popular source of plant-based protein.1 Tofu Nutritional Breakdown4* Nutrient AmountCalories70 kcalCarbohydrate1.7 gFat4.2 gProtein8.2 gDietary Fibre1 gSugar0.6 gCalcium201 mgIron1.6 mgMagnesium37 mgPhosphorus121 mgPotassium148 mgSodium12 mg*per 100g … Continue reading Food Focus: Tofu (& other soy products)