Date Squares

Date squares are such a wonderful dessert, aren't they? A mixture of gooey dates and crunchy crust, you really can't go wrong. Something you may not know is that 3 dates, in particular Medjool dates, contain 501 mg of potassium, contributing up to a fifth of your daily magnesium requirements! These date squares are super … Continue reading Date Squares

Tempeh BLT

One of the most common sources of unnecessary added fats to our meals is sauces, dressings, and spreads. These foods add flavour and mouthfeel, but can also be detrimental to our health if consumed too frequently. Luckily there are some great healthy fat alternatives to these foods. For example, instead of using mayo in a … Continue reading Tempeh BLT

Protein Pancakes

Carbohydrates make up more than half of our daily energy intake, but not all carbohydrates are treated equally. These protein pancakes utilize oats and bananas as major sources of carbohydrates, which provide fibre and other essential micronutrients to your diet. This recipe is also conveniently gluten-free, and as always, vegan! One of the best things … Continue reading Protein Pancakes