Meet Tracy, the creator of Tracy’s Nutrition Tips. She is a 23-year-old from Ontario, Canada currently completing her Masters of Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph and on her way to becoming a registered dietitian.

Tracy’s passion for health and wellness started in her freshman year of high school when a friend inspired her to kickstart her health and fitness journey and she hasn’t looked back since. This journey has been long and at times difficult, but along the way Tracy found a love for food and movement, and gained a deeper understanding of what it means to live a balanced lifestyle.

Along this journey Tracy developed an unhealthy relationship with health and fitness, where she became obsessive and overly strict about exercise and diet. She would track her meals using a calorie counter and would put herself down if she didn’t workout 6 days a week. Tracy also tried very hard to hide this from others. Health and fitness are supposed to improve your life, not hold you back. Once Tracy realized this she was able to be kinder on herself, which ultimately helped her reached the goals she was struggling so hard to achieve in the first place. Although many people may think this phrase is overused, Tracy truly believe all foods fit in a healthy diet and that rest is just as important as an intense workout.

Tracy has been vegan for 5 years. This was a decision she made during the peak of her health and fitness struggles, but not one that she regrets in the least. Being vegan has enabled her to be more creative in the kitchen and open-minded to trying new foods. In addition, being vegan has increased Tracy’s awareness of environmental sustainability and food security. Although she is vegan, Tracy recognizes that diet is not a one-size fits all and will never try to shame or pressure you to become vegan. She simply encourages you to be open-minded about veganism and try the recipes from this blog. And if you are thinking about incorporating meat-less and vegan meals into your diet or transition to a vegan diet altogether, do your research!

Tracy’s love for nutrition is paralleled by her love for fitness. Nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishment and euphoria after completing a workout. She loves to feel challenged and strong, both things that exercise provides. Physical activity has allowed her to accomplish things she’s never imagined possible, like run a 10k run. Twice. And the great part is that there are so many ways to be physically active that almost everyone can find an activity that suits their needs. Tracy enjoys weight lifting, resistance training, running, yoga, cycling, among many others. She is also a certified TRX suspension trainer and in the process of getting her cycle instructor certification.

In the future she hopes to pursue a career in sports nutrition, where she can work with individuals to optimize their performance through diet and exercise.